Certified Navigators

Breast Patient Navigators It's Time to Renew Your Certification

Need to renew?  Just click on the link below (there is no need to log in), fill out your contact information and  make your $150 Navigator renewal payment, this will include a free individual NCBC membership and in 15 minutes you're done!  (We no longer accept paper renewals, you can pay by check on the renewal platform, just send a copy of your renewal paperwork with your check please.)

The NCoBC Conference in Las Vegas in March of 2021 will fulfills all of your CEU requirements for renewal.  If you attended the current year's Interdisciplinary Breast Center Conference you can just write that in the first CEU box and be done.  If you're interested in attending in the coming year, registration can be found at https://www2.breastcare.org/ncbc-conference-tickets/.

This year we will be sending certificates (as a pdf) via email for all renewals.  If you want a printed copy it is $5 and you can order that on the renewal form. If you have not received your new emailed certificate in 3 weeks, please feel free to reach out to me at christine@breastcare.org.

CEU's are being waived from now until May 10th, 2021 due to the cancellation of the NCoBC 2020

Navigator Certification Renewal link-CLICK HERE

To see all the Navigator test creation processes and certification and renewal procedures, click here for the manual for your designation.

Navigator processes and procedures for Nurses